Bucket List

My bucket list is ever growing (and basically a travel list).. 

Bungee Jumping
Climb Mount Kilimanjaro
Do some marine conservation work
Donate my hair to charity
Go on a safari
Go scuba diving
Go surfing in Hawaii 
Go whale watching - see Blue Whales, humpbacks, Orcas in the wild 
Meet David Attenborough
See wild elephants
See black rhinos
See white rhinos
See a Great White (from a boat!)
See a rhino dehorning (ethically and by a trained vet of course!)
See the Gorillas 
See the Northern Lights 
See sharks in the Bahamas 
See wild Tigers 
Sky diving 
Travel Vietnam 
Travel South America
Visit Amsterdam 
Visit Antarctica 
Visit Australia 
Visit Bora Bora 
Visit India 
Visit Kruger National Park
Visit New Zealand 
Visit Paris 
Visit Thailand
Visit Trinidad for Carnival 
Volunteer at a Wildlife Sanctuary