About me

Hello! I'm Kate. I love animals, travelling and tea.

I live in the South East of England, and these days I spend half my time there and the other half at university. I started this blog as a space for me to write down all my thoughts and ramblings. I have thought about having a blog for a while, and so just decided to start! It's the perfect outlet for me to spread my thoughts and opinions on important issues, and I really enjoy it.

I have spent time volunteering abroad and plan to travel the world one day. I also run a small charity called Let Rhinos Roam Free, and am passionate about wildlife conservation and doing my bit to help the planet.

The name "A voice for the voiceless" was inspired by a woman, who inspires me in so many ways, and so it seemed fitting. She is a determined conservationist and a strong voice, fighting to be heard. I hope my voice can do some good.

Please feel free to contact me, and I hope you enjoy reading my blog :)

Much love