The Big Hole, Tours and Caracals


Friday 1st July
Friday's are our day off. We started the morning by going in to see the Caracals with Chriszanne and Nicol senior. This was amazing - I love these guys. Lilo is the biggest, and can only be petted if he comes to you. Sera is really friendly and so you can always go up to her. Havanna is friendly too, but you have to watch him because he's very playful. He's full of character and is so naughty and cheeky. I love them all!

We decided to go to town to watch Finding Dory and have lunch, and then go to the big hole.
Finding Dory is amazing. It's not as good as Finding Nemo, but it's a tough one to beat. It's still a great film, and I love Ellen so it was worth it.
Before the big hole we had to say goodbye to Jess. This was so sad for me because she was here when I arrived. I'll miss her lots but will one day go to Melbourne to stay with her (you have been warned).
The big hole is an old diamond mine in Kimberley. It literally is a big hole in the ground, which is now full of water. We learnt about how the mining worked, and the diamond industry. It was insane how tough the work was, and for very few diamonds. Of course, it wasn't the labourers who saw the wealth. Unfortunately we didn't see any diamonds, only replicas, but we got to go in an explosion simulator. Leslie, a fellow volunteer, was hilarious. We took a lift about one story down, but the sound effects made it seem further. She kept saying "it's fake" as if to remind herself. It was so funny. She's great; I'll really miss her when she leaves but hope to go visit her in Trinidad one day.
I really enjoyed the Big Hole. The shops around were also really cool - full of amazing African souvenirs, but sadly I didn't buy any because all the ones I wanted were really expensive - clearly I have expensive taste!

We got back to the house around 5 and had to wait until past 8 for the new volunteers, and so we watched Lion King 2. There were 5 girls arriving. Once they got here we had dinner and got to know them, before bed. They're all really lovely and friendly.

Saturday 2nd July
We got up at 8 to do feeding, water and house while the new volunteers were given a talk. After that Sandra and I showed them around so they could meet all the animals.
We had a tour at 11 for members of the public. I was leading the tour, and it was quite a big one. It was quite a stressful tour as it was a very cold day and very windy, and so the animals were playing up - especially the lions. It also took a lot longer than expected. The group were really good though so it was fun.
After lunch we had free time, which I really needed after the tour. Sandra and I spent about 40 minutes gossiping with Zena. I could spend all day with Zena - we were so relaxed we nearly fell asleep.

Unfortunately Lilo and Havanna got into a fight, and Havanna didn't make it. This was very upsetting for everyone, and a great loss. He was a wonderful cat, and will always be remembered and loved by all those at Felidae or who knew him.

Beautiful Havanna 

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