Christopher, Zena and sunbathing


Sunday 10th July
Today my group was on feeding and so we started with that. I am a team leader again, with 8 people in each group because we are so many. There are 4 new people and so we had to teach them how to feed. We had to take meat of a leg to give Ariel the leg, and the others the meat.
We had free time after before lunch. I spent a lot of time with Zena and the other animals.

At 2 there was another tour. Hannah was going to take it and I was going to join as it was her first tour, but it was an Afrikaans so Nicol had to take it. It was a pretty good tour; I went on it anyway. They also went to the shop which made me happy.
In the evening we had a braai which was delicious, and watched a film before sleep. The braai was great as I just chatted to Nicol while he cooked with the other girls from my room and talked about lions and conservation, and rhinos and then other stuff too.
Clarisse and Hannah were sleeping with Zena, and so Christopher was left in our room. Christopher is Clarisse's giant teddy that she bought because she doesn't like to sleep alone. He's huge and so soft! It's so funny; the 7th member of our room.

Monday 11th July 
In the morning I was working in the curio shop - reorganising after the weekend, re-stocking and sorting the accounts. After a couple hours, it was time to do the rotten calves.
Nicol had decided that we could have a drink that night, but only on one condition. If you didn't help with the calves, you couldn't drink. I thought this was a great idea and it really worked to force everyone to help!
I was in the fridge for the most part. I feel like I spend half of my life in this fridge. We had to take calves that were hanging up down, hang others up and drag others to the floor. I basically stood in the fridge lifting, and different people came in and out. Then I swapped out and someone else could have a go. Everyone helped and worked really hard so the incentive was a good idea.
After that we had lunch and some people went to town, but Hannah, Amalie and I didn't want to so we stayed. We were the only people on the farm so couldn't work or go in with animals, so just sunbathed and chatted.

After they got back, it was gone 4pm and so we did water. Again, we had to teach the new people how water works and everything.
We had another braai since we were drinking. We had such a laugh with Nicol while he was cooking and it was great.
We didn't eat until later because of the braai but it was delicious. We played 'never have I ever' as we were drinking which was hilarious.

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