Some days you play with lions; others you shovel rotten carcasses


Wednesday 29th June
This morning my group was on house, but it wasn't normal house duties. The cleaning lady was here and we had to go around with her really cleaning the whole house. It took hours and was so boring. I would much rather cut up raw meat for hours and feed the animals than clean but oh well, it had to be done. I was grateful for it to be over.
We arranged some plants by the new fountain at the new curio shop before lunch.
After lunch my group got to go in with the lions, Alex and Tau. I absolutely love these two - they're so cheeky and playful, but so lovely. They came right to me and sat on me. It's amazing; they're so strong and just knock you right over but they're so soft and cuddly. I don't think they realise they are lions. They are both roughly 18 months so are just big babies really. I will never get used to getting so close to them, they're amazing.

We went out for dinner as well which was nice and we all ate so much! We watched the stars when we came back and then watched finding nemo before bed.

Thursday 30th June 
This morning my group was on feeding. New meat had arrived which was perfect and so it didn't take long at all! The caracals can't have any fat so their food normally takes a long time to prepare, but this meat was not fatty at all and so it was so easy.
Afterwards we helped organise the curio shop more. We decorated the new fountain and then organised the t-shirts inside. For lunch we had a traditional South African dish called "fat cake" because there's no English equivalent. It was so good!
This afternoon we had to clean the meat fridge. It was disgusting. So much was rotten and so we had to drag it all out, and then upload it to a truck, take it to the dump and drag it all out. It smelt horrible and was covered in all kinds of disgusting shit (there's no other word). I kept saying to everyone "it's all part of the experience" but really there was only a few of us who were really prepared to get stuck in and we smelt awful after. It's not all playing with big babies, but we didn't complain (too much) - it is all part of the experience and it needed to be done. I'm not going to include a photo because it was so awful, but I do have one as a memory. There are good and bad jobs with all volunteering but I wouldn't swap it for anything!
We got straight into the shower. I'm not convinced I'll ever get the smell of my hands.
Dinner was delicious. Afterwards we watched a couple of movies and went to bed.

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