Just your average day on the farm..


Tuesday 12th June
My group was on house, so while most started work, Anne, Sandra and I washed the dishes from breakfast. It was Sandra's last day (*cries*) and so she went to watch the feeding while Anne and I went to the curio shop.
We designed price lists for the shop to go up inside since not everything is priced and very few of us actually know what costs what. Our inability with technology meant this took a lot longer than it could've, but we ended up with very nice lists with baby Zena as the background.
After lunch my group was going in the lions and caracals. This was just as amazing as always, and also very sad as I knew it was my last time. The caracals were very calm and posing for great photos with everyone.

The lions were also very good. They'd had a big meal, and Tau had eaten Alex's food which was messing with his stomach and so he wondered off after a while. We were in there quite a while, which was lucky since there was 8 of us! This did mean we got less time sitting with them but I got to say a little goodbye to them both. I will never forget them or their cheeky personalities, or the feeling of having a lion sit on you, knock you over, lick you or nudge you for more attention. They're wonderful animals.

We were going into town for dinner and so didn't do much work in the afternoon. Sandra packed, and then she convinced me that jumping in the pool was a good idea. Mental - that pool is about -1,000,000 degrees and so dirty! But we did it anyway and so that was interesting.

Later on we all had a meeting and I threw a massive bug at Chriszanne (she HATES bugs). It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Nicol joined it and tried to hold her down. She absolutely freaked and grabbed a plate to defend herself. She then tried to throw me in the pool again which I was not having since I was now clean! It was so funny and worth her temporarily hating my guts.
We went for sushi for dinner which was great. I love going out for dinner here as we get to eat with the Burgers.
Because it was Sandra's last night, the two of us slept with Zena. It was amazing!! She suckled Sandra's duvet all night and purred away. She's so cute at night as she seems like even more of a baby than usual. It was a great night and I'm glad Sandra and I had another chance to do it before she left.
Sandra's been here the whole time I have until now and so saying goodbye was horrible, but she's off to Greece and I hope she has an amazing time! She'll be missed here.

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