Beautiful sunsets and beautiful cats


Sunday 3rd June
We went to town at 9 for a few hours so the new people could buy anything they needed, and we had lunch. At 2 we had another tour. It was much smaller than yesterday, and the weather made it easier as the animals were less temperamental. I led this tour as well, and enjoyed it a lot more as it was less stressful. Although one young kid was a bit of a worry. I enjoy leading the tours. You just have to show people around, telling them about the individual animals and general facts about the animal species, whilst ensuring everyone stays as a group and away from the fences.

The rest of the afternoon we could relax; after two days of long tours I needed it. After dinner we watched Blood Diamond. It's a film set in Africa about the diamond trade - it's very good and makes you think, but it was quite violent and I was in the mood for a happy film. After going to the big hole though, lots of us wanted to see it.

Monday 4th June
We had new groups today and new team leaders, so I am not longer one but my group mostly stayed the same except we lost one girl and gained two. We were on feeding today as we didn't get to do it on Sunday and it's my favourite, and so Chriszanne promised that my group could do it today. The meat was good and not very fatty so it didn't take too long. Alex and Tau were pretty cheeky when we were giving them their food that I almost split it everywhere.
There was meant to be a tour at 10 that I was going to take with 2 of the new volunteers who think they'd like to do a tour during their stay, but it cancelled last minute but instead I took them on a "tour" to show them how to do it. It was quite funny because I sound ridiculous talking to friends how I talk to the public but I think they learnt a fair bit. We went back to help the others working afterwards. The day before Tasha, Chriszanne's mum had asked Sandra and I to make an inventory for the shop. Even with Anne's help it took us up until lunch time (about 45 minutes) and the rest of the afternoon. But now that's it's done, everything should be easier. The shop is looking so good, and might be open for the tours at the weekend which is so exciting!
In the afternoon we continued with the inventory and work in the shop so it's ready for the opening. We went to bed particularly early because everyone was so tired. At dinner we talked a lot about the different laws and customs where we all live - gun crime in America was a favoured topic. It's very interesting talking to people from all different countries. We also had a long debate about which English words to use, with Hannah (UK) and I desperately trying to explain the difference between America and English, and make sure people use English.

Tuesday 5th July
This morning we were all back working at the curio shop. We cleaned the area in preparation for Saturday. Sandra and I were supposed to dig a big hole and make a ramp-type-thing to clean people's shoes leading to the shop, but after 15 minutes of digging Chriszanne decided she wanted us in side and someone else could dig the hole. It's probably because we did the inventory and so know the shop better than most. We organised the t-shirts for the 1000th time and the shirts on a rack. The list we have of everything is finished now and I think the shop is looking great. I'm so excited for Saturday! The tours are changing too so you have to pay extra for interaction, which I think is a great idea. There are wrist bands now for each type of tour, and everyone can shop before and after. It's going to be even more professional and (hopefully) really slick! I'm so excited! It's possibly going to be my last tour here which makes me really sad, but I'm so happy that it'll be open in time.
In the afternoon I got to go in with Alex and Tau again. My love for these two grows and grows everyday, and they were just perfect today! We were in there for much longer than usual because they were in such a good mood - they just wanted cuddles and belly rubs. It was the most amazing experience. I love interacting with all the animals but these guys are definitely my favourites.

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