From stroking caracals to playing with lions


Tuesday 21st June
Our group had quite a random morning. We first had to pull a make shift cloth ceiling from the new kitchen/ old shop which had been put up there for painting. This was quite a disgusting job because it was so dusty and dirty.
We were on house so we did the washing up and cleaning. Then we went to help others at the new shop, with layout and pricing.
After lunch we had a bit more free time. We went in with the caracals, which was awesome. They're quite friendly, but it has to be on their terms. They come to you, and will let you pet them, but if you go to them it's a different story. But they absolutely adore the owners. All the animals turn into puppies around them - lions included.
We then just relaxed for a bit and went for a walk around the farm, taking photos. The sunset was beautiful.
We watched another film in the evening, and then some of us baked a cake for a surprise for Lykke (fellow volunteer) whose birthday was the next day. I was so tired that I fell straight to sleep when I went to bed.

Wednesday 22nd June 
This morning we were not feeding as the animals aren't fed one day a week and that was today. Instead, we varnished doors, put up poles and moved bricks this morning. There was a tour as well. We surprised Lykke at the end of lunch with her cake and she was so happy (and it was delicious).
In the afternoon I got to go in with the lions!!! Two young males called Alex and Tau. I say young; they're really quite big hit they're like big puppies: extremely cheeky and playful. It was the most amazing thing going in with them. Interacting with all the animals is incredible, but this is something else. They're so big and strong, and yet they just want attention and love. I can't explain how it feels, but being so close to the King of beasts is an absolute honour. 
We went out for dinner - partly because lots of the volunteers leave on Friday, and partly for Lykke's birthday. The restaurant brought her a cake and mini champagne and we all sang. It was very cute and she was so happy. 
Today was one of my favourite days - mostly down to going in with the lions, but also just had a laugh with everyone. I'm so sad they're all going on Friday. It'll be nice to get more volunteers too, but these guys were all so welcoming and lovely so it'll be such a shame to see them go. 

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