Bat-Eared Foxes Feeding and Cheetah Cuddles


Sunday 19th June
This morning I was on feeding so we went feeding all the animals. Then we dug holes for new fencing. In the afternoon, some other volunteers and I fed the bat eared foxes. They are quite shy but will eat out of your hand if you're patient. They're very cute!
The days here are very tiring as you get up so early, and so everyone went to be pretty soon after dinner.

Monday 20th June
A new monkey is coming to the sanctuary soon and needs a new enclosure, and so to start the day my group was digging holes for the fence. We were soon joined by another group to put up poles and cement them into the ground. It was hard work, but great to see some progress and means we can picture the enclosure more now; the size, the structure. One step closer to a new monkey!
The whole time we were working the lions were roaring to each other . Not sure I'll ever be used to hearing them, and seeing them so close. It's an amazing experience.
After lunch I was driven into town with another volunteer who needed physio, so I could buy some things.
When we got back, everyone else had just finished the poles so we had some free time. Zena, the friendly cheetah, shares an enclosure with Chaka (less friendly). However Zena has her own section, and as long as it is shut away from Chaka, we can go in. So I went in for cuddles and it was truly amazing. She's just like a normal house cat, but huge. I could never get bored of her - she's such a character.
That evening we all watched a film together before bed.

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