Me, myself & I


Ignoring the eco-centric title of this post, I realised in my first few posts I hadn't really said much about myself. I know I covered some of the basics in my Jumping on the band wagon post, but then I think it all got a bit serious. 

Sharing LRRF meant a lot to me. Since it began in 2014 it has become a big part of my life and I want to be able to use my blog to talk about it. I have lots of amazing and supportive people in my life, but I'm sure they don't want to hear me talk about rhinos all the time, and so this blog is a good outlet to further the awareness (without annoying all my friends). That's why I wanted to post about LRRF so soon; so that people know what it is when I talk about it. 

Then I heard about Sea World not breeding Orcas and had to post about it! It was such great news and really did make me happy, and so I wanted to say something. I also know it's something I will want to post about again because I've been following the Sea World story religiously since I first watched Blackfish in 2013. So when the news was announced, I knew it was a good time to post. 

Although I do want this blog to be somewhere I can post about serious stuff, and things I find important and give my insights on some of these issues; I also want it to be a relaxed space that people will (hopefully) enjoy reading. 

Me & my sister, NYE 2015
So to introduce myself a little more (even though this post is already longer than planned); I am 19 years old and a Geography student (which involves less colouring than I had hoped). I love food, my dog and believe in equality. I'm lucky enough to have quite a big family, and they are definitely the most important people in my life. I also have awesome friends both from home, who I've known for years, and from uni who I've only known about 6 months but already couldn't be without. Then I have my friends from South Africa, who again I haven't known that long but can never believe how lucky I am to have met. 

All round I am a pretty happy person who loves animals and wants to share some of my thoughts on my tiny corner of the internet :) 

Much love 

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