Let Rhinos Roam Free


Let Rhinos Roam Free (LRRF) is a non-profit organisation I co-founded with two of my best friends (Anna and Hobbs) in 2014. We met volunteering in South Africa where we learnt about the horror of the rhino crisis in Africa. We wanted to help and so founded LRRF.

Let From left to right: Hobbs, myself, Anna

Although we started as just 3 of us, this didn't last long. More of our friends have now joined us and we are a working team. We are all students who met in South Africa (at various times) working on a small reserve with white rhinos. For more information on us, see our second blog post 'Meet the Team' (blog link at the bottom). 

Why did we start LRRF?

We all fell in love with the animals instantly and the people who dedicate their lives to saving them. Hearing their stories and how hard they have to work, we all knew we wanted to do our bit to help. 

We founded LRRF once we returned to the UK.
Its a small organisation, be we feel that, a Tesco would say, every little helps! We do fundraising to send money to South Africa, and we also try to raise as much awareness as possible. 

Education is an important part of conservation, and we felt that there wasn't enough awareness of the extent of the crisis, especially in the west. Most people know they are endangered animals, but a lot of the details are lost. People don't know the brutality behind the killings, or the extent of the crisis, and how close to extinction these animals really are. 

I'm sure this blog will inevitably be full of rhino posts. I want to post about the crisis, the brutality, and the possible solutions. 

But in this post I just wanted to introduce LRRF, so you know that I co-founded it and what it is. I hope anyone reading this is interested in rhinos, and our work. We have a blog for the charity as well, and any followers and viewers would be hugely appreciated :) 

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