Jumping on the band wagon...


Welcome to my tiny corner of the internet and thank you for visiting! I have decided to join the blogging band wagon. This is really just an introductory post to say hello and a bit about me so I hope you enjoy it…
I am a student in the UK currently studying for a Geography (Bsc)  degree at university. I would say I have a pretty normal student life; and I absolutely love it.

So why am I starting a blog?

I am very new to blogging and I'm not a writer but I wanted to start this blog for a few reasons. Mainly to discuss the things I love and think are important. I have been fortunate enough to do some travelling in the past and have spent time volunteering with wildlife conservation which has become hugely important to me; and so want to post about it. Although there's a lot of stuff out there already (which is great), I want to be able to post my own thoughts and experiences. 

I have always loved animals.  When I was little I wanted to be a vet (but was pretty useless at biology and chemistry) and my room was covered in animal posters. My love for them and conservation is what inspired the name for my blog as I want to talk about how important conservation is; speak for the animals who can’t speak for themselves. I still want to work with animals, but in conservation.  

One of my biggest dreams is to travel the world; visit beautiful places, meet amazing people and see the world’s amazing wildlife. I have spent time in Africa volunteering with a variety of animals and these were some of the best experiences of my entire life. This year I am going back, to somewhere new and I want to blog about my experience so I've started the blog now to get used to it and how it works before I go.

I won't only post about really serious stuff, as I hope people who find this blog will enjoy it. I hope to use it as an outlet for my thoughts and to share some of the things I do. 

I’m sure I will post about all sorts as I get more used to the blogging world and any help and/or guidance will be greatly appreciated! I hope anyone who finds my tiny corner of the internet enjoys reading what I have to say :)

Much love,


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